Patriarch Project seeks to lead CEO’s and Entrepreneurs toward discovering the joy in the responsibility of leadership and the fruitfulness of relationships in the marketplace. It is a system of mentoring and missions through the network of every day business relationships. It’s goal is to eliminate the self-imposed segmentation of life in relation to faith, family, and career. It establishes the harmony so many have missed due to modern-day cultural stigmas.


C. Michael Jones founder of Patriarch Project. Mike is a 25 year veteran of industry. His experience and skill-set include leadership and administration, corporate development and acquisition, systems analysis and development.

Uniquely, recently he served as Pastor of Morristown Christian Fellowship Church in Morristown, Arizona for 8 years. He has a passion to teach. His diligent, expository preaching and teaching is based on the original languages of Scripture in light of the historical context in which the Bible was written. His straight forward biblical teaching clearly communicates the infallible truths of God’s Word.

This unique combination of life experience drives his development and passion of teaching a mindset of “Life without walls”. Mike has a passion for the family. Based on Old Testament teachings, he points every man to his “patriarchal duties” as husband and father.



Mike holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Glenville State College and a VDJ_3419Master of Divinity degree with a Concentration in Biblical Studies from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the holder of multiple leadership awards including the 2012 Buren Higdon Christian Leadership Award from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Mike, great web site. Just started looking at it. hope you are well. Glad to help/participate in any way that contributes.

    • Hi Pat, Very glad you found me. Hope you and Debbie are well. I am sure you will be a great help once we get things up and running. Let’s stay in touch. Blessings, Mike

  2. .Great to get caught up with you. I obtained your blog info from Wendy. Had bkfst at VI this morning and was thinking of you and the Rio Skillet. Iris had left knee replaced and is doing well. Married life is great! Will keep in touch. God Bless!! Glenn

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