Workplace Chaplain

Offering Meaningful Hope        Caring in the Workplace

Sad employeeLife happens at work. Employees rarely leave the burdens of life at home. Even though employees are expected to put on a smile as they arrive in the workplace, family issues, health issues, the loss of a family member or close friend, employee conflicts,  and other life issues create anxieties that effect performance.

Most small business organizations don’t have the expertise or resources to offer meaningful help. As a concerned employer where do you turn for help?

Patriarch Project brings appropriate care and compassion to the workplace.


Watching employees struggle with personal and professional life issues can leave a business owner feeling unequipped and helpless. As a business owner your primary responsibility and focus is running your business. Everyone in your company knows how busy you are. It can be difficult for employees to adequately share their struggles with you. Many feel uncomfortable or guilty placing the burden of help on you. Counseling people that you manage can place unnecessary stress on your relationship.VDJ_3270

Patriarch Project allows the business owner to offer a program of care and compassion in the workplace without neglecting the business. Providing care for your most valuable asset, your employees, is always a great investment. As a business owner you can rest assured that your employees are receiving professional care that will make a difference.


To intentionally build a relationship with each employee creating a culture of trust through compassionate, caring, and confidential help. Our work is entirely dedicated to help each employee heal and return to a productive and satisfying career. To maintain an open and lifelong relationship providing encouragement through periodic interaction.


When your employees are coping well with personal and professional life issues the workplace becomes balanced. Many benefits realized by business owners that create a “culture of caring” through the professional program offered by Patriarch Project are:

  • More satisfying work environment
  • Lower turnover
  • Less absenteeism
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Less money spent on training
  • Higher ranking in the employment market

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