Patriarch Project’s goal is to reach as many business leaders, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and engage them with Biblical truth. Our structure will include three main areas of engagement:

Network: Much like a church planter engages a neighborhood to ultimately build a church, VDJ_3333Patriarch Project will build a business to become established in the marketplace and become part of the vast network of commerce. A great deal of trust and respect forms between a vendor and its customer when goods and services are provided that meet or exceed expectations. Employers who properly care for employees also gain respect. This creates a very powerful network of trust. It will be this network that provides the pathway to sharing the Gospel and the establishment of a system for mentoring which will manifest itself in missions.

Mentoring: Nearly everyone in the marketplace places a high value on mentorship. Mentorship includes both knowledge of the way things work and knowing the right people. Mentors are trusted to deliver the truth and help guide according to experience. So, inside this trusted network a system of mentoring will take place inVDJ_3361 web-based and face-to-face venues that encourage each participant in at least three major areas of life; God has ordained your leadership; joy is found in this responsibility only when God’s purposes are realized; and all of life, including work, is worship. For all leaders, the abundant life can only be realized with total satisfaction found in Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and that complete satisfaction freeing each leader to a radical life of love, passion, and compassion.



Missions:  Imagine a group of leaders, set free by the Gospel, resourced and gifted by God, utilizing the same mind and hands that have built a successful and growing business, passionate to further the Gospel. Imagine mission projects at every level, local, regional and global, that ride on the already established VDJ_3404and thriving business network, maximized by what God has established years earlier. Imagine how slaves across the globe can be set free by a powerful network of leaders coming together to establish a means of earning a living that is efficient and equitable. Imagine being part of something powerful enough to change the world.

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