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A very wise mentor once said, “Only ask advice from those who have your best interest in mind.” Now your first reaction to this statement might be, “Duh, that’s not profound, everyone does that already! I never ask advice from my enemies.”

Before you write off this statement allow me to point out some of its deeper meaning. The key lies in knowing who has your best interest in mind.

I’ll make my point with this example:

A high school graduate stands at a crossroads decision. “Where will I go to college?”  He seeks and receives advice from two trusted sources. His parents are very successful doctors from one of the country’s finest medical schools. Desiring that their son follow in their footsteps, they strongly encourage their alma mater.

The graduate’s two best friends in the world are going to a sleepy little college nestled in the Appalachian mountains. Being a respectable school with a regional reputation, the two friends encourage the graduate to keep the tradition going…the three musketeers conquering the world together.

Two trusted sources encouraging two opposing paths. Both the parents and the friends love the graduate. All desire a successful future for him. However, both futures are biased, based on the personal desires of the advisors.

We are faced with these types of decisions throughout life. Especially those ordained to lead. Think of how often a business owner is faced with making major decisions. Is it time to hire and expand? It is time to cut back and downsize? Should I buy that business? Should I sell my business? The list is endless.

It is always a good idea to talk over life changing decisions with your spouse and close family members. It is even a good idea to talk with your peers. However, one must realize that these people always begin the advice with their own biased desires.

That’s why you need a pastor. That’s why business owners need a pastor even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly “religious” person. You need a point of view from someone who seeks your best interest from a Biblical perspective without personal bias.

There is nothing wrong with making an appointment to discuss specific issues and seek answers. But the best answers are the ones found while studying the Bible together. I can’t tell you the number of times a business leader has said they discovered the answer to a perplexing problem right in the middle of the Bible study. I wasn’t even aware that there had been a question. The Bible has answers, period. It is trustworthy.  It is truth.

I pray that you’ll join my study in the Word of God starting in November. We will begin with the topic “The Joy in Responsibility”.

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New Home

138 S Hamilton Place, Gilbert, AZ  85233

Welcome to the new home of Patriarch Project. We are just beginning to move in. The Lord has provided a great location to hang our hat and get to the business of ministry. We are located in the Elliot Commerce Park, a prime business location at the crossroads of Arizona Ave. and Elliot.

Our space includes two offices, a kitchenette, restrooms, and a great meeting hall that will be home to Bible studies and Worship services. Our new space will comfortably seat 100.

Front Door

I am often asked the question, “Wait a minute… are you a church or a business?” The answer is YES! With the Lord’s help we hope to touch the lives of the estimated 2,000 folks that settle into their daily routines of earning a living on the four corners that surround us.

As a church we will focus on the Word of God. Our goal is to have regularly scheduled Bible studies during the week that fit the schedules of the business owners and their employees. We envision beginning our studies with a Wednesday evening Bible study. As we begin to network with those around us and better understand their schedules and needs, times of studies, prayer and counseling will be organized during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm).

As a business we will focus on the Word of God. (Did you pickup on the focus on the Word of God part?) We will be busy earning a living just like those we serve. The world’s best business management manual is the Bible. We will use it as our guide and teach its principles to others. Patriarch Project is about leadership and legacy…God’s way.


We pray that those who are seeking the truth in life and business will find our front door open and inviting.

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Patriarch Project isn’t just for our neighbors at the business park; all are invited to join us. Many of our wonderful friends from ministry past will be faithfully attending and serving along side us. Our goal is to stream our studies live on this website to enable our out-of-state friends and associates to participate.

We hope to begin our first Bible study in November! Until then, there’s a lot of work to do. We will keep you posted, so stay tuned…

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