Synopsis and Homework Week 18

I remember growing up and attending church in the “Bible Belt” of America. We sang from a Hymnal while a little church lady banged out the tune on the well warn upright piano. The tunes were very familiar and my heart grew fond of them over the years. The lyrics on the other hand were not understood. I knew the words by heart, but they were not part of my heart. I would stand beside my mom and sing with a loud voice, “What a friend we have in Jesus”. I had no idea.

Jesus has captivated my heart for 37 years and counting. I love the Word of God. It’s now when I read the Words of our author (Hebrews 7:25) that I begin to understand the depth of the lyrics to that old classic. Jesus is able to save completely, because He always makes intercession for me. My right relationship with God the Father is because He knows my name. My right relationship with God was born and will live forever solely because of Jesus. As my Sympathetic High Priest, Jesus works continuously to keep me. What a friend I have in Jesus!


Read Romans 8:31-39

How does Paul’s statement in verse 31 support the idea presented in Hebrews 7:25 that Jesus can save forever, or completely, or to the uttermost?


Why does Paul believe that there will never be found anyone who will be able to condemn us before God? (verse 34)


Make a list of all the things that Jesus’ intercessory ministry protects us from. (verses 35-39)


Does this description of the work of Christ on our behalf sound like a one time act or a daily conquering?

A Most Interesting Phenomenon

One of the most interesting phenomenon’s of posting blogs is the responses and reactions of fellow bloggers. In my estimation, all of my posts are directed toward “students”. I would define students as those who are interested in the blog site solely for its content. I am a teacher, passionate toward the Word of God. I know the following statement to be absolute… “The Bible will change the life of every impassioned reader for the good.”

However, the majority of bloggers that “follow” this blog have a very different philosophy toward life and happiness. As a matter of fact, I believe that the majority of bloggers that follow this blog have never read a single word of its content. I make this statement based on simple observation. I make it a practice to visit the blog site of everyone who follows my blog. One click and I come face to face with my fellow blogger.

Upon arrival the introduction almost always goes something like this… “Play Big! Live Free! It’s easier than you think to live the life you love. I’ve found the secret to leveraging the internet and living the life of my dreams.”

Upon further investigation I am overwhelmed with image after image of luxurious lifestyle. The “self-taken” photos reflect the same image…attractive young person, suntan, adorned with designer sunglasses, exotic and beautiful backdrop, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Yep, they’ve found the secret alright. Or have they?

I’ve been to some of those exotic places. They are beautiful, but I have found without exception, equal to the beauty in every location on earth is ugly. I have never been to any location on earth that ugly was not present. In the crowd that gathers to view a wonder of the world is pick-pockets. The sites, sounds and smells that surround those places are many times grotesque.

As for the money, (many boast of making over a $100,000 a month), money is ALWAYS hard work. Even if the money flows from an internet source and requires nothing more than people clicking, controlling, accounting and managing funds at that level takes a lot of time and money. Financial managers and investment vehicles are a constant source of headache and heartache.

In most cases, the only way to make the kind of money that these bloggers are reporting is to enslave a small multitude of subservient workers that pass a portion of their more meager revenues to their masters.

But, after 56 years on this earth, I have found a way to be free. I have found a way to live a life that surpasses my dreams. It has nothing to do with exotic travel, cars, homes, hotels, food, wine, airplanes, and revenue streams. All of these things in the end are hollow. All of these things break down relationships in the end. The worst thing anyone can do is to spend a lifetime climbing the mountain named desire only to find you’re alone at the top.

Teaching Outline Week 18

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Jesus, Intercessor

Hebrews 7:1-25 


The Big Picture – The Priesthood (Verses 1-24)

The old Priesthood (in the order of Aaron) is inadequate.

Many temporary Priests

Came from a legal requirement

Under the Law – that cannot make anyone perfect


The new Priesthood (in the order of Melchizedek) is eternal.

One High Priest forever

Came from an indestructible life

Jesus, the guarantor of a better covenant

The Main Point (Verse 25)

Jesus is able to save forever…

…because he lives to make intercession for them (everyone who draws near to God through him)

The Priesthood answers the question: From what am I being saved?

Sin  <Priesthood> Holy

The main point answers the question: What does my salvation look like?

Salvation is not static.

I believed and I was saved… and … Jesus is saving me today and forever.


What do I need? To continue to draw near to God through Jesus.

My life needs everything in it that cause affections toward Jesus.

Synopsis and Homework Week 17

My Dad took me fishing in Canada when I turned thirteen. It was a great adventure. Me, my Dad, and six of my Dad’s buddies drove by car for sixteen hours (most of which I slept) to arrive at a train station in northern Ontario. We hopped a freight train for a three hour trek to the Canadian wilderness. The train stopped just long enough for us to throw off our gear at a crossing named North Star Lodge. We were met by a Canadian wilderness and fishing guide named Al. He had an ancient Dodge Power Wagon with a trailer attached to haul our gear. A thirty minute ride on some of the roughest roads I have ever seen found us parked in front of the famous North Star Lodge. It was a series of logs and plywood that looked as old as the forest in which it hid. It was surrounded by a series of lakes that boasted the best fishing in Canada.

Everyone was assigned a job for the week of fishing expeditions. My job was to carry the anchor. There were no roads to the lakes, some of which were over a mile from the lodge. Each morning before daybreak our entire crew would carry the gear, boats, motors, and yes the “anchor” to the lake for a long day of fishing.

I’ll never forget the first morning when Al our guide handed me the anchor and said, “listen kid, that’s the most import thing we take to the lake. Without it, we can’t do nothin’.” Once on the lake I quickly understood Al’s statement. The wind blew at a steady brisk pace all day long on the lakes. Without an anchor to hold you out in the best spots to fish, we would find ourselves floundering on the shore opposite the wind in seconds.

It was a great week! We caught hundreds of fish. All because I had an anchor!

This week’s text describes hope in the promises of God as an anchor of the soul. God desires that we are people of secure hope by means of strong encouragement. The image of our soul anchored to the Mercy Seat is profound. Yes we are commanded to hold fast. But we are, at the same time, given assurance that the anchor is secure at both ends.


Read Philippians 3:12 – 4:1

Does Paul feel secure because he is perfect? (Verse 12)

What is the motivation to press on and take hold? (hit …because…) (Verse 12)

Where does Paul place the emphasis for his efforts, his past or his future? (Verses 13-14)

Paul gives both encouragement and warning. What are we encouraged to do? (Verse 17)

What happens to those who don’t take Paul’s encouragement? (Verses 18-19)

Where’s our hometown and what is the best part of being a citizen? (Verses 20-21)

Teaching Outline Week 17

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Jesus, our Hope, our Anchor

Hebrews 6:19-20 


God desires that we would be people of Hope by means of strong encouragement.

Chapter 1 Jesus is Superior, Creator, Reigns Forever…God!

Chapter 2 Jesus is the Founder of Salvation.

Chapter 3 Jesus greater than Moses secures our rest.

Chapter 4 Jesus our Sympathetic High Priest takes pity and provides all we need.

Chapter 5 Jesus appointed by God the Father in the order of Melchizedek.

Chapter 6 Jesus provides the means to be sure of better things for the Beloved

God’s promises are certain; backed by a promise and an oath.

God desires that we NOT be people who fail to rest in the promises by means of stern warnings.

Chapter 2 Pay closer attention to the Word or drift!

Chapter 3 Don’t harden you hearts like unbelieving Israel!

Chapter 4 Hearing the Good News without faith has no benefit!

Chapter 5 Don’t be dull of hearing!

Don’t live like a drunk unable to distinguish good from evil!

Chapter 6 Don’t fall away like the apostate!


Our Image of Hope:

Verse 19 – An Anchor

The anchor is hooked on the Mercy Seat


The anchor is tethered to our soul


Sure and Steadfast


Verse 20 – Our Forerunner

Jesus made the way complete


In the order of Melchizedek




The Anchor will hold at both ends!


Jesus purchased our empowerment! (Phil. 3:12)



Starve their hands and feet


Nourish their heart and soul

See Jesus as Superior

Know the promises are certain

Talk to God and His people

Remember your history with God

Hope in Eternity with God


How come sometimes I feel like salvation is my responsibility and sometimes I feel that it’s none of me and all of Jesus?

The answer is this:

What Christ bought for us when he died was not the freedom from having to hold fast but the enabling power to hold fast.

What he bought was not the nullification of our wills as thought we didn’t have to hold fast, but the empowering of our wills because we want to hold fast.

What he bought was not the canceling of the commandment to hold fast but the fulfillment of the commandment to hold fast.

What he bought was not the end of exhortation, but the triumph of exhortation.


Synopsis and Homework Week 16

“I know you can do this!” Hearing words like these can make a profound impact in your life. They are words that express confidence and give hope. When a father or mother or mentor blesses a child or student with these words, it almost always guarantees success. These words instill the drive and endurance that are necessary to achieve a goal. These words cause a person to graduate even if it takes four hard years of study. These words cause a person to bring a company from bankruptcy to solvency with energy to spare for years of successful operation. These words can even cause a person to step out into thin air.

It is God’s desire that His children, “heirs of the promise”, receive strong words of encouragement that create the type of hope that endures to the very end. In the latter example, one cannot be confidant absolutely because burden of success still rests on them. They know there are gaps in knowledge, strength, and understanding.

However, in this weeks text, Hebrews 6:13-18, God promises with an oath, “I will do this!”  God has no weakness and lacks nothing. God cannot lie. He swears with an unbreakable oath. Therefore our confidence in God is absolute. He will do what He promises. By the Blood of Jesus Christ, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, God will see to it that all who “take refuge” in Him, be birthed out of this broken world and live with Him in Glory for eternity!

A means by which He accomplishes this is HOPE!


Read Romans 4:13-25 (This is another account of Abraham’s faith)

Verse 13 declares that Abraham, and everyone else that has the faith of Abraham (vs 16),  is heir of something. What is it?



Verse 17 states two things (or workings) of God that would give us cause to place confidence in His promise to us. What are they?



Abraham is not weakened in faith as he considered how old he and his wife Sarah were. Why is this? (verse 21)



Is this account of Abraham’s faith told only for the sake of Abraham? (verses 22-24)



The following is a definition of hope; circle all the important words and discuss them.

An expectation or belief in the fulfillment of something desired. [1]

[1] Walter A. Elwell and Barry J. Beitzel, Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1988), 996.

Invitation to Hope in God

Hope. Without it, it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. God knows we can’t live a life of joy in this world without hope. The author of Hebrews describes hope as an anchor. What a wonderful analogy! When you are having extreme troubles with your spouse, your marriage is said to be shaky. When your business is experiencing difficult financial issues, your company is classified as shaky. Marriages end in divorce and businesses close their doors because they have no anchor. Without hope, life is shaky at best.

Today (Wednesday, March 12th, 2014) we examine a case study of Abraham. Our text, Hebrews 6:13-18, is an object lesson in hope. These next two lessons, that will complete our study of chapter 6 of Hebrews, will change your life. They give the objective reason for hope. I promise! Don’t miss them.

I invite you once again to the Patriarch Project weekly Bible study. Every Wednesday at 11:45 AM and again at 6:00 PM MST (Arizona time), we study the Bible together. We study the Word of God for one simple reason…HOPE!

Please join us in one of three ways. You can attend the Bible study in person; you can login via GoToMeeting; or you can visit our blog and watch the sessions anytime at

We are located at 138 S Hamilton Place, Gilbert, AZ  85233. If you would like to attend the study via GoToMeeting, simply send an email to and request an invitation.