Invitation to Hope in God

Hope. Without it, it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. God knows we can’t live a life of joy in this world without hope. The author of Hebrews describes hope as an anchor. What a wonderful analogy! When you are having extreme troubles with your spouse, your marriage is said to be shaky. When your business is experiencing difficult financial issues, your company is classified as shaky. Marriages end in divorce and businesses close their doors because they have no anchor. Without hope, life is shaky at best.

Today (Wednesday, March 12th, 2014) we examine a case study of Abraham. Our text, Hebrews 6:13-18, is an object lesson in hope. These next two lessons, that will complete our study of chapter 6 of Hebrews, will change your life. They give the objective reason for hope. I promise! Don’t miss them.

I invite you once again to the Patriarch Project weekly Bible study. Every Wednesday at 11:45 AM and again at 6:00 PM MST (Arizona time), we study the Bible together. We study the Word of God for one simple reason…HOPE!

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Synopsis and Homework Week 8

One doesn’t hear the word exhort much any more. Simply put, when the Bible requires us to “exhort one another” we are to talk to each other. (Hebrews 3:13)  Not just trivial conversation, but life changing, life molding, conversation. Such conversation can only happen when we exhort one another with the Word of God.

Patriarch Project places a heavy emphasis on mentoring through Bible study. When the author of Hebrews tells us to exhort one another every day the picture that it paints is Christians hungry for the truth gathering often with mentors and peers growing in Christ.

The result is living a life of solid Christ-like decisions and holding firm our hope to the very end. God has a design for living out the Christian life. Part of that design is life together, in the Word, growing and holding fast.


King Solomon was wiser and more impactful in the world in which he reigned than any other king in history. Most of us are familiar with the account of God asking Solomon what he desired. Solomon responded that he desired to lead the nation with wisdom. God gave him wisdom unparalleled by any before or since. Wisdom enabled his life to overflow with accomplishments. God was so pleased with Solomon’s response that He gave Solomon much more. (Read 2 Chronicles 1:7-13)

Now, how did Solomon come to ask so wisely for wisdom? Did he just happen to ask God for the right thing at the right time? The answer is clear: Solomon had a father, King David, who years before spent time with his son in exhortation. That’s right, Solomon had a mentor. It was his father who told him what to seek. It was his father who passed on the wisdom of the Word of God to his son. If King David had not prepared the way for his son, Solomon would not have known what to ask for and how to build all those wonderful projects. (Read 1 Chronicles 22:11-16)

List all the ways Solomon stood on the shoulders of his father…

New Year’s Resolutions

I heard a statistic regarding the average American and new years resolutions…only 8% of us keep any one of the resolutions on our list. In other words, if you have 10 resolutions there is only an 8% chance you will keep even 1 of the 10. If you have ever wondered why depression is so wide spread in our culture, look no further than your list of abandoned resolutions.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is they call for “external change” and give no regard to the power by which external change takes place. May I suggest that unless your heart change, external change is not sustainable.

I know of no other agent of change for the heart and soul of a person than the Word of God. That said, I offer the only list of resolutions necessary:

  1. May I love and adore the Word of God and the portrait of Jesus Christ it paints.
  2. May my adoration of Jesus be manifest to the world around me.

Please join us as we continue our study of the book of Hebrews this Wednesday; 11:45am and 6:00pm.

Teaching Outline Week 6

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews) 


Consider Jesus

(Christmas Edition)

Hebrews 3:1-6


Verse 1:

Consider Jesus, the faithful Apostle and High Priest

Let’s take a look at a favorite Christmas hymn: O, Come All Ye Faithful!

O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, 
        O come ye, O come ye, to Bethlehem. 
        Come and behold him, born the King of angels; 
        O come let us adore him, O come let us adore him, 
        O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord. 
O come all ye faithful: Hebrews 2:16-17 Jesus was first faithful and makes a way for us to join the faithful! 
Joyful and triumphant: Hebrews 2:14-15 No longer slaves to death and sin. 
O come ye: Hebrews 3:1 Consider this Jesus! 
Behold him, born the King of angels: Hebrews 1:13 Jesus, reigning victorious King  
And now the refrain: O come let us adore him 
               Shepherds (Luke Chapter 2:20) 
                               Smell like manure, not incense 
               Magi (Matthew Chapter 2:10-11)
                               More like wicked wizards than kindly kings 
               Roman King (Matthew Chapter 2:3)
                               Wanted Jesus dead. 
               Jewish Religious Elite (Matthew Chapter 2:4)
                               Really wanted Jesus dead! 
This Christmas, do you adore Jesus or simply acknowledge him? (Hebrews 2:1)


Synopsis and Homework Week 5

The author of the book of Hebrews is speaking to the church when admonishing with the words…consider Jesus. It is a catalyst for self examination. Our hope must rest in this Jesus who is greater than Moses. It allows the option of listening to the heavenly calling and sharing in all that it has to offer. We have Jesus, Apostle and High Priest, bringing God to us and us to God.

Confidence comes not from making life choices that seam to work well, but making choices that come from time spent with the Lord. Confidence comes when we know this Jesus as… in history past as the once-for-all perfect sacrifice; in times present as the Ambassador of God the Father; and in the future as one who keeps all of the promises made to the church.

Consider Jesus is not just an evangelistic term used to present the Gospel to unbelievers, but a life long requirement for every believer.


Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-23 and answer the following questions:

In Paul’s example to the Corinthian church who is the building (those who plant) and who is the builder (the one who gives growth)?

What will be the difference between building on the foundation with wood, hay and straw or gold, silver and precious stones?

What is the main idea in regards to receiving the offered rewards?


Teaching Outline Week 5

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews) 


Consider Jesus

Hebrews 3:1-6


Verse 1: 

Speaking to the Holy Brothers 

            Heavenly calling


Consider Jesus

            Apostle – Sent One (Brings God to us)

            High Priest – Mediator (Brings us to God)


Why consider Jesus? 

Verses 2-5: 

                        Both Jesus and Moses are faithful (Numbers 12:6) 

                        But Jesus is Superior           

                                    Moses = House 

                                    Jesus = Builder 

Verse 6: 

                        Only one place for hope – Consider Jesus!



There is a river of hope flowing from God. 

We don’t automatically stand in the river.

We need to talk to the architect of life about life. 

Confidence comes from HOPE in JESUS alone! 

Got Confidence?

A key to having Joy in Responsibility is confidence. If you see the future as hopeful it is much more common to experience joy in that which you are responsible.

Therefore, if you lack confidence, the joy of which we speak will be missing from your life. The problem may be as simple as misdirected hope. Placing your hope in the next big business deal, our nation’s economy, or your own intelligence and abilities, could be the source of your lack of confidence; and rightly so. None of those things are perfect.

Along with the author of Hebrews, I am asking you to CONSIDER JESUS. Can’t find joy in this season of joy? Consider Jesus! Lack confidence in your future? Consider Jesus!

Redirect your hope. Consider Jesus. That’s why we study the Word of God together.

Join us each Wednesday at 11:45am or 6:00pm. Or visit our blog site and watch the recorded study sessions.

We will continue our in-depth study of the book of Hebrews and seek to find the Joy in Responsibility!