Here we go!

I’m sitting at what use to be my mother’s dining room table in a little house in my hometown in West Virginia. This rental will be my home away from home for a few weeks. It’s late Saturday evening and the night is cold. Saying goodbye to my family this morning was hard. Sitting here alone and thinking about them is harder.

However, Shelia (my wife) and I know that this is the first step toward the start of what we see as God’s plan for ministry. In the days to come I will be presenting to all that are interested the plan as we know it so far. I hope that you will join me as the Lord unfolds the plan and I begin by blogging the details and events. Please excuse the blog-site, it’s a little unruly, but I plan to place some organizing touches in the very near future.

So the Patriarch Project is off and running. It’s exciting! Details to come soon.

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