Week one (culture shock)

This is the first in a series of progress reports. I hope to blog at the end of each week the steps taken toward the goal. First,  the exact details of the goal aren’t solidified yet. Those details will be part of the progress I’m sure. However, the beginning stage of the goal is to create/purchase/join a business and become part of the network of commerce.

For those of you who are unaware, my resume reflects a 25 year background in business. My undergraduate degree is business administration. I have worked in both small private and large public companies. I have worked for others and also owned businesses.

After receiving a clear call, I celebrated the last eight years attending seminary and serving as pastor of a small church in Arizona. (Both great blessings)  This new season of ministry will be based not in the traditional church but in the marketplace.  To understand the three main areas of the goal click on the STRUCTURE tab above and read the definition posted as I know it today.

OK, as for the progress…I purchased a plane ticket and headed east to dive into the Fire Safety business my brother has owned for several years. I really enjoy the industry and it fits my personality well. To say the least, it is a bit of culture shock being back in business after eight years in seminary and church life and being back in the West Virginia culture after nearly 20 years living in Arizona. So the first week was a process of settling in. I am homesick. I miss my wife, my kid’s and my grandson like crazy. But we all agree, (well my grandson is not yet two) this is the right direction.

The employees at work are showing me the ropes. We visited a recent fire suppression system installed at a high tech firm in Morgantown, WV. It has lots of lights and sounds and protects an area of information storage that is vital to the firm. I helped test the system before it was placed into service. It was cool!  We handle everything from a simple fire extinguisher hanging in an office to high tech fire suppression equipment for multiple industries. Best of all, almost everything we sell is RED! Now that’s really cool!

Where it all goes from here I’m not really sure. I will be working on safety certifications in the weeks to come. This business is heavily regulated. Some wonderful Christian businessmen have approached me and want to be involved and I am very excited about that. So the first week is in the record books and I look forward to the days to come. Bring on week two!

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