Week two (Aha!)

It’s been my experience during the first few days at a new job I find myself wondering, “How in the world did I get here?” It’s kind of like buyers remorse. It’s like walking around in a heavy fog. Then there comes a time when you just connect, with a person, a project, a customer, or something else (like an idea for a new business) and the fog begins to lift. Week two comes to a close and the fog is beginning to lift.

To start, I have more expertise in the fire safety industry than last week. Working with my nephew, who really is a veteran of the industry and quite knowledgeable, I know more of the “mundane” facts involving fire safety. Last week I saw some high tech equipment, this week the common old ordinary fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are like wallflowers at the prom, no one sees them. It’s because they’re boring. They just hang there. There are no lights, sounds, no motions of any type. No one even cares about them unless the room’s on fire. How often is the room on fire?

Here’s a cool thought though…Most people just laugh when you try to teach them how to use a fire extinguisher. They say something like, “If this place catches fire I’m not going to worry about putting the fire out, I’m just going to run…what do I need with a fire extinguisher?” The fact is, the most common use of a fire extinguisher is to fight your way out of a burning room when your access to the outside is cut off. Knowing how to use one can save your life.

OK, anyway…I am getting more familiar with products, vendors and even some customers. I am scheduled to attend a major fire safety convention in March and even attend a fire school in April. The plan to bring a new business on-line is in place. However, there remains much to do.

This week was an “Aha!” type week. Ideas are starting to look more like reality.

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