Proverbs 3 contains one of the most quoted verses in wisdom literature:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

and do not lean on your own understanding.

    In all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will make straight your paths.

(Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV)

The proverb begins with the admonition, “don’t forget what you have been taught”.  It goes on instructing the student to let the heart house truth and let it do the work. The psalmists proclaim God is “steadfast love” and “faithfulness” numerous times in the Psalter. Here our teacher is calling us to reflect those beautiful and powerful attributes of God in our daily life.

There is a result in doing this. One who trusts the Lord, not leaning on human understanding, will find “favor” and “success”. (vs. 4)  Most importantly favor in God’s eyes; but also in the eyes of people.

I encourage you to read this proverb today and think about its implications. The first 12 verses are a “mold” for every leader in the business world. (and everyone else) Mold your enterprises around these verses and you will have the most full and abundant career.

But that’s not the end of the proverb. Next comes a most amazing song of praise! Beginning in verse 12 and continuing for 24 verses our teacher dances before the Lord because he wears the gift of wisdom. This wisdom has one source; God. He is overwhelmed by it, overjoyed in it, and delighted to have his days governed through it. The teacher dances because it’s all God and it’s all good.

You have heard me say, “you can never raise above the company you keep.” What a blessing to keep the company of a teacher that dances before the Lord! I am blessed to be married to such a teacher. I’m not saying my wife goes twirling though the house all day, (although when I’m not home I suspect it happens on occasion) but it is a wonderful life spending days with one who seeks and delights in the wisdom of God.


My wife is a writer and has recently gone back to school to sharpen her writing skills. She was required to submit a personal bio for one of her classes. As is her normal custom, she ran it by me to check for typos and such. I didn’t find any typos, but I did find myself overwhelmed and dancing before the Lord in thanksgiving for a Godly wife.

With her permission I share it with you….

The year is 2013 and slavery still exists.  There are over 27 million men, women, and children bound in shackles, sweatshops, or brothels.  No country or city is innocent.  Child prostitution and sex trafficking exists in our neighborhoods while slave labor merchandise clutter our homes.  

I understand slavery.  I once lived in captivity.  Not every slave wears visible chains or bares the scars of a master’s whip.  But every heart beating on this planet has at one time been a slave to something.  I barely survived a heart in the clutches of habitual sin.  

But now I live free.  Free to enjoy the security of my home, the sweet unity of my 32 year marriage, the beautiful relationship with my two married children, the immeasurable joy of my grandson’s hugs and the sweet anticipation of our second grandson. 

I’m at the stage of life when I face fewer years before me than behind.  Retirement is an option.  I’ve taught children to read and write as well as a bit of history, math and science.  Countless hours have been logged in community service.  Years were spent in ministries serving others as a teacher, mentor, pastor’s wife, and friend.  But I can’t stop now.  

While I rock my grandson, singing love songs into his ear, I wet his sweet cheeks with tears for the young women, children and babes who are raped daily of their innocence and hope.  

Most nights, I dream of traveling the world.  Not to delight in the exotic sights, but to search those desolate places tourist pay to ignore.  My goal is to write passionate stories that inflame my readers to action. 

While my husband networks CEOs to battle drug lords, slave traders, and sex traffickers, I continue to teach and train.  The billions of the walking-dead living like zombies craving a new heartbeat need to hear the truth.  

Those who never see the light of day or feel the warmth of a smile pray for abolitionists who will fight for them.  I am one person but I walk free in the supernatural power of a mighty God. 







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