Week four (warm-up)

I have the pleasure of writing you from sunny Arizona. It really wasn’t frigid West Virginia that drove me home. This planned break is a time for reuniting with family. One month in the record books. I am very pleased with the progress. Week four was full of documentation; job descriptions, employment agreements, work flow charts, and more. It was also a time to get out in the field more to interact with customers. (Cold weather, warm receptions.) I enjoyed time spent with customers.

Best of all January numbers are nearly complete; it is a record month! The changes we began making last October are in place and working. I know morale inside the company is better. The work environment is improving. It has been a process of getting the right people on the bus, and then getting the right people into the right seats. We are breaking the mold when it comes to hiring practices. We hired a new service technician to further expand one of our best territories.

The goal is still to refine and duplicate. We are building a system that allows the right employee complete freedom to be successful. Once the majority of bugs are worked out, its time to make another start, hopefully somewhere in the phoenix valley.

Well, enough writing for now, it’s time to go enjoy family! I will be traveling back in 5 days, one thing’s for certain, time is short.

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