Week six (infirmary)

This week was a little harder. It started with a trip to Urgent Care. A shot in my hip and a Z-Pack in my pocket I did the best an old man filled with antibiotics can do. Of course, it was a week filled with meetings. It never fails, just at the time you feel your worst, it’s time to hit the road and visit some big accounts. The meetings were scheduled before I got the croup. It’s too difficult to reschedule so you muster the resources, put on a happy face, and head out in plenty of time to get lost for a few moments. It’s been 20 years since I traversed these roads.

I’ve never been much of a salesman. However, I do enjoy visiting customers. It’s great fun listening to the customer’s needs and developing a solution. I always need to take the salesman type along with me to close the deal. I also need technical help seeing I’ve never spent much time in the fire safety industry. (I’m getting better at the technical stuff)

And the hardest part of all, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and my valentine is 3,000 miles away. That’s tough! You might think that after 32 years of marriage Valentine’s Day could come and go without much hoopla. Not so! My valentine reached out with a bouquet of red heart balloons and a gift card to my favorite morning hangout. (She knows me so well!)  My heart’s cry each night to the Lord is…”being away from my blessed family Lord is costly.” Oh, how I long to be with them.

I trust the Lord to make that happen soon enough. The praise report for this week is…the accounts we called on placed orders today, my family is healthy and happy, and I have a beautiful wife who loves me unconditionally. Who is more blessed than me? Praise the Lord!

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