Week nineteen (What happened?)

Week nineteen? What happened to weeks 10 through 18? I’m asking myself that same question. Weeks are flying by! Much has happened.

Ok, here’s the scoop… I am still in West Virginia helping manage my brother’s company and learning the fire safety industry. It’s had challenges, but for the most part I’ve had great fun. It’s been many years since I held down an eight-to-five job. Members of the church congregation would often tease me about only working one hour a week as pastor. I speak with first hand authority when I say that working a steady 50 hour work week is a piece of cake compared to being a pastor of a church.

Since we last spoke I attended a trade show in Atlantic City where I met a number of manufacturer’s reps for the first time and had the privilege of networking with other fire safety distributors. I had the opportunity of speaking with a business owner that travels all over the world consulting and installing specialty fire suppression equipment. It opened my eyes to international networking. That was exciting!

In addition, I traveled to beautiful Marinette, Wisconsin (where?) to attend one of the world’s premier fire schools. Spending a week blowing stuff up, setting things on fire, and then putting them out with some really great fire suppression equipment is every little boy’s dream vacation. I learned more at one week of fire school than all other weeks combined. There is no substitute for hands-on training. I had the opportunity to fight every kind of fire imaginable. From basic spill fires to an entire factory section engulfed in flames…it was challenging and great fun.

With everything going on and the amount of travel I’ve been doing (including a couple of trips back to AZ to see the family), I decided to take a break from blogging. Some of the routine weeks would make for really boring blogs anyway.

Now that I have fire school under my belt, I had the opportunity last week to assist in holding a fire safety training session for one of our ‘Oil and Gas Energy Field’ customers. It was a reminder of how passionate I am about teaching. I deeply miss teaching the Gospel. I look forward to the time when I’ll be teaching on a regular basis again.

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