Hey, what’s this cost?

Have you ever made fun of Jesus’ disciples? Have you ever found yourself studying the Gospel passages, or worse, teaching the same, and declare in your thoughts… “Will you look at these guys, they are nearly clueless; what knuckle-heads.”

If you, like me, have found yourself dwelling with the Pharisees in “self-righteous town” ponder this…

…and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.  –Matthew 4:22

Now face a second question, “have you ever done that? Left everything you’ve spent most of your adult life building; wife, kids, home, career …”

The best part of life is time spent in the center of God’s will. I can attest to the joy experienced when the call is heard and obeyed. However, I can’t think of a single time of following the call that didn’t take me out of my comfort zone.

In a very small way, I taste what it’s like to leave the ones you love behind each time I head to the airport. There is a profound sense of loss each time I watch the Phoenix valley grow small looking out the airplane window.

I have a cell phone and an iPad. I visit with my wife and family often while away from home. Although it’s nothing like being there, electronic gatherings numb the pain of separation. The disciples didn’t have this luxury.

I can’t think of a group of men who experienced a greater sense of joy as they sat at the feet of Jesus and later built the church and lived the Gospel life. And I can’t think of a group of men who experienced a greater sense of loss as they left everything to do so.

They lived life on this swinging pendulum. It must have been exhausting. No wonder they couldn’t stay awake in Gethsemane.

I now look at the disciples with a profound sense of awe, not in the disciples, but in a Savior that could sustain a group of men like them, like me.


2 thoughts on “Hey, what’s this cost?

  1. Hi Mike,
    Want to share a tid bit with you from a young aspiring divinity student that filled in for our interim pastor yesterday. His bit of wisdom had to do with a lady that was planning her funeral with the aid of her pastor. They discussed music, scriptures, etc. to be included in the service plus one thing she was very adament about. She wanted to be buried with a fork in her hand. The pastor was driven to ask, “Why?” to which she replied, “Ever been to a fancy dinner where the server whispers in your ear to hold onto your fork after the main course is cleaned up?” The reason, she said, “… is because the best is yet to come.” Amen.


    Your time of preparation for this new venture of yours is stretching out into a year now with the “best yet to come”. You might want to consider a tie-tack or lapel pen shaped like a miniature fork as a logo identifying with the kick-off of your new ministry. This could spark a lot of inquiries of “why” to which you have the door opened to relate the story of the fork and how the gospel message of the Great Commission relates to “The best is yet to come.” When you see a fork in my shirt you will understand.

  2. Very well put Mike. John has had to travel out of his comfort zone many times during our marriage and the kids were somewhat confused and not underestanding. As with your work John followed what he felt was right, Your family is older now and it is easier but the grandchildren play a big part in our lives now. God has given you great insight Mike and whatever the call you will find peace. We all spread the gospel where we are planted! Miss you.

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