Synopsis and Homework Week 11

A mentor taught me that prayer is a “wartime walkie-talkie”, not a bell to ring for the butler. I’m not calling to have my pillow fluffed, I’m asking my Leader, my General, my King instructions for battle. We have already drawn the battle lines in previous chapters. Our battle is against unbelief. We fight to trust. We meditate and pay much closer attention to the Word to believe what it says; to trust in the promises.

The greater our trust, the greater our confidence. The greater our confidence, the more we find ourselves before the Throne of Grace. The more we find ourselves before the Throne of Grace, the more help we receive to fight the battle. The pattern is clear. We don’t strive to do, we strive to believe. The doing comes from resting in the promises.

My help comes from a sympathetic High Priest. I am understood. My leader has been tested in every way that I am tested. I fail often, He never fails. Yet He has pity on me. I don’t arrive to find a mostly annoyed perfectionist when in need of help. I always find the perfect source of help. So, I come with confidence.


Read Matthew 4:1-11

Jesus earthly ministry began with testing. It is the plan from the beginning. Being fully human (and also fully divine) there must be proof that Jesus is the sinless once for all sacrifice for the sin of the world. Notice that the first thing Jesus did, before the accuser was engaged, was fasted and prayed for forty days.


The detail of Jesus’ prayer and fasting is not stated in Scripture. However, based on what we have been encouraged to do by the author of Hebrews, what do you think the focus of Jesus’ prayer was to the Father in those forty days?


What did Jesus use to do battle with his accuser?



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