Synopsis and Homework Week 14

Being “thin-skinned” can be lethal. Our culture doesn’t take kindly to criticism in many cases. Sometimes even healthy criticism is labeled hate speech. To have your boss criticize your work and automatically assume “my boss hates me” can result in leaving a position for which you are well suited and severing a valuable relationship. Your boss recognized your value when hiring you and simply wants to see you get it right and be successful. Everyone who has our best interest in mind will always be found in the painful process of correcting our faults.

Thus far in our study of Hebrews, the author has warned us that we are “drifters”, “dull of hearing”, and “in danger of being burned up like a field of thorns and thistles”. The author either hates us or like a loving father gives us what we need to be successful. I suggest the latter. As we continue our study next week, we pick up with chapter 6 verse 9 and the knowledge that we are “beloved”. It becomes obvious that he does not believe that we will fall away and be lost. He is hopeful. He believes that we will hear the warnings and instead of filing a “hate speech” lawsuit, we will respond by saying thank you for keeping us alert to how fragile we can be in this culture of self-pity and self-indulgence.

We can say thank you to a loving author who reminds us to fight the fight of faith. We say thank you to one who reminds us to reject the promises of sin and hold fast to the promises of Christ.


Read 2 Peter 1:3-15


How does Peter describe the Christian life of fighting for faith in verses 3 through 7?




What is the result in your life if the fruit of faithfulness in present and increasing?

(verse 8-10)




How sure is Peter that you will not fall away? (verse 11)




What does Peter see as a duty as he teaches and lives with fellow believers? (verses 12-15)

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