Teaching Outline Week 17

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Jesus, our Hope, our Anchor

Hebrews 6:19-20 


God desires that we would be people of Hope by means of strong encouragement.

Chapter 1 Jesus is Superior, Creator, Reigns Forever…God!

Chapter 2 Jesus is the Founder of Salvation.

Chapter 3 Jesus greater than Moses secures our rest.

Chapter 4 Jesus our Sympathetic High Priest takes pity and provides all we need.

Chapter 5 Jesus appointed by God the Father in the order of Melchizedek.

Chapter 6 Jesus provides the means to be sure of better things for the Beloved

God’s promises are certain; backed by a promise and an oath.

God desires that we NOT be people who fail to rest in the promises by means of stern warnings.

Chapter 2 Pay closer attention to the Word or drift!

Chapter 3 Don’t harden you hearts like unbelieving Israel!

Chapter 4 Hearing the Good News without faith has no benefit!

Chapter 5 Don’t be dull of hearing!

Don’t live like a drunk unable to distinguish good from evil!

Chapter 6 Don’t fall away like the apostate!


Our Image of Hope:

Verse 19 – An Anchor

The anchor is hooked on the Mercy Seat


The anchor is tethered to our soul


Sure and Steadfast


Verse 20 – Our Forerunner

Jesus made the way complete


In the order of Melchizedek




The Anchor will hold at both ends!


Jesus purchased our empowerment! (Phil. 3:12)



Starve their hands and feet


Nourish their heart and soul

See Jesus as Superior

Know the promises are certain

Talk to God and His people

Remember your history with God

Hope in Eternity with God


How come sometimes I feel like salvation is my responsibility and sometimes I feel that it’s none of me and all of Jesus?

The answer is this:

What Christ bought for us when he died was not the freedom from having to hold fast but the enabling power to hold fast.

What he bought was not the nullification of our wills as thought we didn’t have to hold fast, but the empowering of our wills because we want to hold fast.

What he bought was not the canceling of the commandment to hold fast but the fulfillment of the commandment to hold fast.

What he bought was not the end of exhortation, but the triumph of exhortation.


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