A Most Interesting Phenomenon

One of the most interesting phenomenon’s of posting blogs is the responses and reactions of fellow bloggers. In my estimation, all of my posts are directed toward “students”. I would define students as those who are interested in the blog site solely for its content. I am a teacher, passionate toward the Word of God. I know the following statement to be absolute… “The Bible will change the life of every impassioned reader for the good.”

However, the majority of bloggers that “follow” this blog have a very different philosophy toward life and happiness. As a matter of fact, I believe that the majority of bloggers that follow this blog have never read a single word of its content. I make this statement based on simple observation. I make it a practice to visit the blog site of everyone who follows my blog. One click and I come face to face with my fellow blogger.

Upon arrival the introduction almost always goes something like this… “Play Big! Live Free! It’s easier than you think to live the life you love. I’ve found the secret to leveraging the internet and living the life of my dreams.”

Upon further investigation I am overwhelmed with image after image of luxurious lifestyle. The “self-taken” photos reflect the same image…attractive young person, suntan, adorned with designer sunglasses, exotic and beautiful backdrop, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Yep, they’ve found the secret alright. Or have they?

I’ve been to some of those exotic places. They are beautiful, but I have found without exception, equal to the beauty in every location on earth is ugly. I have never been to any location on earth that ugly was not present. In the crowd that gathers to view a wonder of the world is pick-pockets. The sites, sounds and smells that surround those places are many times grotesque.

As for the money, (many boast of making over a $100,000 a month), money is ALWAYS hard work. Even if the money flows from an internet source and requires nothing more than people clicking, controlling, accounting and managing funds at that level takes a lot of time and money. Financial managers and investment vehicles are a constant source of headache and heartache.

In most cases, the only way to make the kind of money that these bloggers are reporting is to enslave a small multitude of subservient workers that pass a portion of their more meager revenues to their masters.

But, after 56 years on this earth, I have found a way to be free. I have found a way to live a life that surpasses my dreams. It has nothing to do with exotic travel, cars, homes, hotels, food, wine, airplanes, and revenue streams. All of these things in the end are hollow. All of these things break down relationships in the end. The worst thing anyone can do is to spend a lifetime climbing the mountain named desire only to find you’re alone at the top.

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