Synopsis and Homework Week 21

This week our author details for us one of the brightest pictures for rejoicing in the entire book. The first portion of the picture shows the old. The Tabernacle frames the picture with its rooms and furnishings. Priests perform daily and once a year offerings and sacrifices. This portion of the picture reflects a never ending need to be cleansed. It portrays the distance between God and His people. Worshippers stand on the outside peering in longing for clean consciences and an end of burdensome work. In “this present time” the picture, mostly black and white with deep shadows, points to a time of a new order, a time of reformation.

For the first time we see a splash of color. Light dawns the canvas and shadows disappear. The picture is now framed by Christ. The rooms and furnishings are obsolete. Daily performance is replaced by once-for-all. External things move inside; the law no longer part of cold stone but written on warm flesh. The blood of goats and bulls no longer flow. The Blood of the perfect Sacrifice touches the conscience of the worshipper and the conscience is made perfect. Now, without burden, the worshipper serves the Living God. God and His people are one.

This is the account of every believer’s history with God. The picture is glorious!


Read 1 Peter 2:9-10


In verse 9 Peter calls all believers a Royal Priesthood. How does this fit with the picture of the worshipper with a conscience made perfect by the Blood of Christ in Hebrews 9:14?


In verse 9 Peter makes the statement that those who are called are to “proclaim the excellencies” of God. How does this fit with Hebrews 9:14 saying with a conscience made perfect we are ready to serve the Living God?



How does verse 10 fit with the picture painted by Hebrews 9:1-14 of the transition from the old covenant to the new covenant?


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