Teaching Outline Week 24

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Perfected For All Time

Hebrews 10:1-18 


Chapter 10 opens with another look at the Old Testament Law vs. New Covenant:

Main Point –

OT Law = Inadequate

(Verse 1-3) God meant for it to be inadequate

(Verse 4) System for handling sin is flawed

(Verse 5-8) Psalm 40 spoken by Messiah

(Verse 10) Transitions to New Covenant with comparison

(Verse 11-13) Standing Priest vs. Enthroned Messiah

New Covenant = Perfect

(Verse 14)       Offering – Christ’s death on the Cross

He – Jesus Christ

Has perfected…those being sanctified

Has perfected:

(Verse 15-18) Christ effectively puts away sin from His people.

  1. In God’s courtroom there is no evidence of remembered sin.
  2. We have a clean conscience in Christ.
  3. We are able to approach God (Most Holy Place) in Christ.
  4. We are inheritors of the New Covenant promises.

Those being sanctified:

(Verse 10) The finished work of Christ on the cross has a sanctifying effect on believers.


It all about Jesus, it’s really not about me.

We can only be perfect by faith, not works.

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