Studying the Life of Faith (Hebrews 11)

The goal of the book of Hebrews is that believers would draw near to God. (4:16; 7:19, 25; 10:22; 11:6) Drawing near to God has everything to do with faith. As the author of Hebrews points out, faith can never be viewed as only a point in the past. Yes, faith has a starting point. You must be born again! There must be regeneration. However, saving faith never drifts through life resting on the starting point. (2:1-4)

It’s no wonder after ten chapters of Christ exalting worship, encouragements, and warnings we come to rest on chapter 11. Chapter 11, the hall of faith chapter, cataloguing rock solid saving faith in the lives of Old Testament saints. They are presented as examples. But our author never intended for us to simply say, “wow, look at them!”

Their faith reflected God exactly the way our faith must reflect God if it is genuine. This Wednesday night we examine the lives of Noah, Abraham, and Sarah. There is a pattern to the faith relationship with their God that must be present in us today as well. I hope you’ll join us as we examine the fascinating study of the life of faith.

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