Teaching Outline Week 34

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Run the Race of the Faithful

Hebrews 12:1-2 


My youngest child turned thirty last week. This milestone gave me reason for reflection. My thoughts focused on how quickly thirty years can pass; in the blink of an eye. Memories flooded in of one adventure after another with this son of mine. He never sits still. From the time he could crawl he drags me along on almost every adventure. It was, and is, a great way to live. However, I found myself thinking about how old I have become. Suddenly the adventurous memories made me grow weary. I began to justify slowing down a bit. By the time this reasoning had reached its apex, I was semi-retired and coasting.

I nearly got away with it until I came to Hebrews chapter 12. Our author’s words, “let us RUN!” shattered my portrait of relaxing in the recliner. Our cultural view of a successful life is a short sprint culminated by years of ease discussing the glory days. The author of Hebrews, on the other hand, views the life of faith as an enduring marathon.

With 11 chapters under our belt, we now see that this letter is addressed to a church that is most likely getting old and allured into retirement. Our author’s warnings are those that would confront any Christian more concerned with recliners and rest than the Gospel. Chapter 12 opens with the reason we have just studied the life of so many Old Testament saints.  The main point of this chapter is one command…RUN! Everything else supports, explains, and gives motivation for it. Run the race set before you. Don’t coast, don’t stroll, and don’t wander about aimlessly. Run as in a race with a finish line and with everything hanging on it.

Let’s Run!  (vs 1)

Things to lay aside (to help us run)



We have motivation

Cloud of witnesses (vs 1)

Race is waiting on you (vs 11:39-40)

Jesus is for us (vs 2)

Author/Perfector of faith



The lowest form of question in the life of faith:

“Is it a sin?”

The highest form of question in the life of faith:

“Does it help me run?”


A Marathon is only successfully run with a plan

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