Teaching Outline Week 36

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Faithful Exhortation

Hebrews 12:12-17 


As we grow ever closer to the end of the letter our author’s intention is clear; draw near to God, run the race, finish well. Our text is an exhortation with its basis founded in the preceding verses. The race which all Christians are called to run is nothing less than living out the Christian life through faith, with endurance, amid hostility. The great encouragement offered is the understanding that God is in control. Hostile enemies come against us but we need not wonder regarding the outcome. God disciplines every true child. This discipline has a most profound purpose; our holiness, without which none will see God.

We come to the stark realization that the commands in this letter are not offered as a means to gain God’s favor or coax God toward our benefit, but an exhortation based on the fact that God is already at work in our life, and that is all the encouragement necessary to finish the race with joy.

Now we know that God is for us and actively working, don’t fail to receive this grace. This grace will make strong, drooping hands and weak knees. This grace will make your path straight. Like a runner beginning to fade in the home stretch, we as Christians need encouragement. We need to know its all worth the effort. We need to know that just as Jesus went to the cross for the joy set before him, we too can finish well with the same joy. We have a race that is steeped with responsibility. It can only be run by faith, trusting that God is doing, and will do, all that he promised. Joy can only be found in this responsibility.

The Truth about God Matters 

What gives strength to drooping hands and weak knees? (vs 12)

God loves those he disciplines (vs 6-7)

What makes our path in life straight? (vs 13)

Through discipline we share His holiness (vs 10b) 

How do we pursue peace and sanctification? (vs 14) 

            Join God in his work in our life (vs 11)

How do we not grow bitter? (vs 15)

Understand that all Christians run this race (vs 8)

How do we understand the picture of Esau? (vs 16-17) 

            No desire for God leads to death


Joy is only found in Responsibility

Find what God is doing and join Him

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