Teaching Outline Week 37

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


The Faithful have a Mediator

Hebrews 12:18-29 


Addressing the final verses of chapter 12 allows us to view the race, not from the best seats in the house, but from the track as athletes instructed and motivated to run well. We can throw off everything that hinders, run on the straight path, knowing that God is working in the details of the race. Understanding that God is for us and actively doing ALL things for our ultimate good will find us responding in positive purpose. In other words, God never tells us to run without giving ample instruction and motivation.

Our author fully expects this letter to change our lives. He expects his readers, who are growing older and drifting at times, to be energized and run the marked path with skill to the very end. Enduring even amid pain and suffering. Never hesitating… Looking to Jesus, our Mediator, for the joy that comes knowing at the end of the race is an unshakable Kingdom. Don’t be like Esau who traded it all for a single bowl of soup.

In verses 18-29 we see Jesus as Mediator of the New Covenant. Our author skillfully contrasts the fearful reaction of the people hearing the voice of God at Mt. Sinai, with the Blood of Christ that speaks a better word from Mt. Zion, the city of God, the heavenly Jerusalem, that makes the angels and saints celebrate.

The Race is NOT run at Mt. Sinai (vs 18-21) 

A fearful place

Un-mediated Glory of God

Voice heard caused the people to say “No more”

Even Moses was trembling

The Race is run at Mt. Zion (The Blood Bought Kingdom vs 22-24) 

Not really geographical

Mediated Glory

The voice is the Blood speaking

The hearers celebrate

Don’t refuse the One speaking (vs 25-28) 

The Day is coming when the voice will shake earth and heaven

Be grateful for an unshakable Kingdom

God is a Consuming Fire (vs 29) 

For those like Esau – the Fire will destroy

For those like the Faithful – the Fire will refine


Joy in Responsibility

Hold on to only the Unshakable

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