Teaching Outline Week 40 (Final Lesson on Hebrews)

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Savoring God

Hebrews 13:17-25 


I can only imagine what it was like the day when this letter was read to the church for the very first time. No doubt, it was read in its entirety to the eager listening gathering of Christians. No doubt, it had a profound impact on the lives of those in the gathering; especially those still living that had witnessed the agony of the cross and experienced the thrill of the resurrection.

What has taken 40 weeks for us to study together, most likely only took 40 minutes for the first hears to take in. I pray that the final words of the letter, commonly known as the benediction, will have the same impact on us as it did to those of the first century.

After all, the benediction speaks of the God of peace. As we have studied together these last 40 weeks, we understand how our author worships God as absolute to creation and redemption. He calls us to draw near to God and rejoice.

God cannot be taken for granted. If anything has value, it has value because of God. Like our author, we worship God, the highest value in all creation. We know in a very objective way that Jesus Christ is Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, Shepherd, Priest and King! As the letter comes to a close, we in one accord can add our Amen to all that has been said.

Two Brief Acknowledgements  

Make Relationships with Leaders Beneficial (vs 17-18)

Obey & Pray

Find Grace in the Word (vs 22-25)

Main Idea

May the God of peace… (vs 20)

Purification for sins (1:3)

Propitiation of sins (2:17)

Sacrifice for sins (5:1)

Forgiveness of sins (9:22)

Bearing the sins of many (9:28)

Take away sins (10:4)

Offering for sin (10:19)

Blood of the Eternal Covenant (vs 20)

Covenant keeping – Promise keeping God (8:8-12)

Brought again Jesus from the dead

Sanctifying Shepherd (vs 20 -21)

Equip you with everything good

Working in us that which is pleasing


Joy in Responsibility

Live as if you have the tools to accomplish your calling

ALL of life is the Gospel and it’s pleasing to God

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