Biblical Marriage – Session Two (Study Outline)

Biblical Marriage

Session Two

Foundation of Marriage; Naked and Not Ashamed

Genesis 2:24-25 / Genesis 3:1-7 


In the first session we established that Marriage is the doing of God. Marriage is a key part of the creation story. From the very beginning, God created them male and female and brought them together in a one flesh relationship. The creation story in the first chapter of Genesis ends with a wedding!

We also established that the ultimate thing regarding marriage is that it is the display of Christ and the church. The Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:31-32 reveals that leaving parents and holding fast to a wife, forming a one flesh union, is meant from the beginning to display the New Covenant…Christ’s leaving his Father in heaven and taking the church as his bride, at the cost of his life, and holding fast to her in one-spirit union forever.

In other words, our weddings take place on, and remain on display from, the stage of life where as husband and wife we preach the Gospel (with our marriage union) to everyone who looks our way…especially our children. As such, we see that the primary command in Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and multiply”, and Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:20, “Go and make disciples”, are at their core the same command.

This week we will explore the statement at the end of the creation account which says “they were naked and not ashamed” (Genesis 2:25). It’s hard to have an understanding of such a statement in our culture. However, in this statement rests the knowledge that within our marriages there lies security, safety, and power for the purpose for which we are called to be husband and wife.

What is the main point of Verse 25?

Naked and Not Ashamed 

Verse 24 creates what verse 25 needs to be true.

‘Naked and not ashamed’ can only happen inside a one-flesh relationship

Covenant Commitment 

Creates the context for a shame-free marriage…

Is God’s design for all love relationships…

Covenant Love:

Even though I am imperfect;

I have no fear of being shamed.

Covenant Love Covers Sin:

1 Peter 4:8; 1 Corinthians 13:6

When the Covenant Collapses 

Declaration of Independence (Genesis 3:5-7)

All-trusting security of marriage disappears forever

Result of the Broken Covenant 

Vulnerability to Shame:

Learning to relate in selfishness

Feeling guilty and unworthy

Fig Leaves:

Established hypocrisy

Significance of Clothing 

Negative: We are no longer what we should be

Positive: God will one day make us what we should be through the blood


The ‘Fall’ did not change God’s purpose in marriage

Love can only grow in the soil of GRACE in Marriage

Your marriage was created by God to be a safe and sacred place to be naked and not ashamed

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