Biblical Marriage Homework Session Six

Biblical Marriage – Session Six Homework


Read Matthew 5:43-48


Can this passage relate to your relationship with your spouse?



Specifically, can you relate verse 46 to your relationship with your spouse?



In verse 48, how is Jesus instructing us to love our spouse (and others)?



Paul states in Philippians 2:3 – Do nothing out of vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.


Question: Do you love your spouse expecting (deserving) something in return?


It has been said that the foundational definition of manipulation is “giving to get”.

It has been said that the foundational definition of honor is “giving, demanding nothing”.


Loving your spouse because they are making you happy is a sure sign of manipulation. Loving your spouse in spite of their attitude toward you is a sure sign of honor.


Check your love for your spouse by the following list. Place a check mark by the attitude you have right now regarding your love for your spouse.


Attitudes of Honor                                                    Attitudes of Manipulation

You belong to God                                                     You exist to serve me

You’re made in God’s image                                      You’re an object

I give without expecting a return                                I give to get what I want from you

I want you to be successful                                        I need you to make me happy

God is using you to make me like Him                       You’re the problem

I’ll love you even if you don’t respond with love      I’ll love you as long as it “works”


Pray that God would help you in any area where you placed a check mark in the manipulation column.

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