Living a Balanced Life Week 1 (Teaching Outline)

Living a Balanced Life

(An In-Depth Study of First John) 


Introduction to our author

and his understanding of Christ

1 John 1:1-4


Nearly every self-help book ever written contains at least one chapter dedicated toward balancing the life activities of the reader. It boasts proven techniques that help the reader set goals and priorities for life change. In most cases, examples of the highly successful are presented to motivate and encourage. The goal of such examples is to convince the reader that if they begin to act and react like the person painted in the chapter, they too will be ushered into the elite.

The “self-improvement industry” in the United States alone is growing and healthy; toping out at $11 billion in 2013. This makes at least two implicit statements: 1. Many are disappointed with how life has turned out and they want it to improve. 2. Last year’s book didn’t do it, so maybe this year’s book will.

Before you click to purchase this year’s author, may I suggest a different path…

This week begins the study of a letter that has changed countless lives over the past 2,000 years. In that time there has never been a revision. Our author got it right the first time and continues to pour out his heart to every reader. Our author builds life principles on a foundation that is proven rock solid. His truth transcends culture, economics, and social order. The letter claims truth that offers the reader a life of… joy, right life choices, right living, protection from falsehood, assurance, and security.

Sounds like way more than one may find in the self-help section.


  • Authorship – John the Apostle
  • Date and Place – Late 1st Century from Ephesus
  • Purpose –
    • To make the readers joy complete (1:4)
    • Prevent sin (2:1)
    • Protect against false teachers (2:26)
    • Provide assurance of salvation for the child of God (5:13)

John’s Life Balance 

(vs 1-2)

Christ is Life:  This Life is Eternal

Christ was made manifest: I know what I’ve touched, heard, seen

(vs 3)

Fellowship: with the Father and the Son

Fellowship: with others

(vs 4)

Joy: complete with others


Balance = Knowing Christ

Balance = Resting ALL of life on Christ

“Here the apostle … urges us to guard the Word and to love one another. Thus we shall never learn so much and be so perfect that need for the Word of God will not remain. For the devil never rests”

  • Martin Luther

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