Teaching Outline Week 1

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews) 


Jesus’ Superiority and His Role as

Savior and High Priest/King

Hebrews 1:1–14


Vs. 1-4                                                            Introduction:

Possible problem in the church regarding angels

Jesus is Superior

Vs. 5-13                                                          How is Jesus Superior?

                                                                        Vs 5 (Psalm 2:7) (2 Samuel 7:14)

Jesus is the Son of God in a way that no angel ever was or is…

Vs 6 (Deuteronomy 32:43)

Jesus is not an angel; He is worshipped by angels…

Vs 7-9 (Psalm 104:4) (Psalm 45:6-7)

Jesus is not an angel, He is God… (Trinity)

Vs 10-12 (Psalm 102:25-27)

Jesus is not an angel; He is the Eternal Creator of all things…

Vs 13 (Psalm 110:1)

Jesus is not an angel; He is a Reigning, Victorious King!

Vs. 14                                                              So what are angels?

  1. They worship Jesus and do His bidding. (vs 6)
  2. They serve God’s people and help us reach salvation. (vs 14)


So what does this have to do with my joy?

  1. You worship Eternal, Victorious Perfection.
  1. The universe is filled with helpers.

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