Synopsis and Homework Week 13

Like Solomon, your prayer life should include requests for wisdom. Life is filled with decisions. It seems as if we journey on life’s roadway from one crossroad to the next. In our text this week, (Hebrews 5:11-14) a serious problem is adjusted to clear focus. Although many people seem to “hang out” with God they don’t have even a basic understanding of who he is. In short, this text paints the image of a people who don’t recognize Jesus even after bumping into him and stepping on his foot. They dress themselves in “I Love Jesus” t-shirts but wouldn’t know him if he walked up and shook their hand.

I can purchase a birthday present for my wife with a high degree of confidence that she’ll enjoy my gift. I have never known her to return an article of clothing that I bought because it wasn’t her taste. Only on rare occasion does she exchange my gift for a different size. It’s not because I’m a genius. It’s because I’ve lived with her for over 30 years. I know from daily, detailed experience her taste in clothing. I know her size. I know how she likes clothes to fill and fit. When standing at the crossroads of gift purchases I get it right almost every time. I love her. She’s very important to me. I want to please her.

That’s really what it means to “drink the pure spiritual milk” of the Word of God and mature into a person that makes decisions with the mind of Christ. Our spiritual senses have been trained over time. Time spent in the Word. Crossroads aren’t bewildering when you have the mind of Christ. Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards are for the ignorant.


Read Numbers 14:20-38

The author of Hebrews draws many examples from the record of Israel in the wilderness from the book of Numbers. Answer the following questions:

The people heard the spy’s bad report after scouting out the Promise Land. They stood at a crossroads; go forward into the Promise Land or turn back. What did God say about these people that should enable them to make the right decision? (verse 22)


How did God describe the people of Israel? (verse 23b)


How did God describe Caleb? (verse 24)


Why do you think Joshua and Caleb had such a different view of God and His promises from the rest of the people?


What is Hebrews 5:14 requesting you do?

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