Teaching Outline Week 14

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


False Assurance

Hebrews 6:1-8 


The book of Hebrews often leaves one trembling. However, its warnings are trumpeted from the very heart of God. There is no deeper definition of cruelty than to abandon someone to false assurance. Warning of the dangers associated with falling away leaves the true believer trembling toward real, lasting, unshakable joy.

How the author of Hebrews sees our position in Christ: (verses 1-3)

If God permits, we will… (Sovereignty of God in salvation)

Leave the elementary teachings of Christ

Press on to maturity

Don’t lay foundations again

Old Testament foundations:

Repentance from dead works and of faith toward God (vs 1d)

Instruction about washings and the laying on of hands (vs 2)

Resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment (vs 2)

The picture of apostasy: (verses 4-6)

It is impossible…

Case study of a person who:

Experienced High Spiritual Blessings


Tasted that the Lord is good

Shared in the Holy Spirit

Word of God influenced for good

Experienced miracles with power

Fall away

Final assessment…it’s all a lie

Come up empty, worse off for the experience

To repent…

Example of Esau (Chapter 12:16-17)

Crucify the Son of God again (to their own harm)

Holding Jesus up to contempt

Parable to picture what has been said: (verses 7-8)

The ground (perhaps two fields setting side by side) “people”

The rain often falls on all the ground “Holy Spirit”

Produces a useful crop (Harvest) – Blessed

Produces a worthless crop (Burned) – Cursed


Life with Christ is an enduring, growing, joyful relationship that…

Remembers the history with a grateful heart of thanksgiving,


Looks forward to today and forever with great anticipation.

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