Synopsis and Homework Week 18

I remember growing up and attending church in the “Bible Belt” of America. We sang from a Hymnal while a little church lady banged out the tune on the well warn upright piano. The tunes were very familiar and my heart grew fond of them over the years. The lyrics on the other hand were not understood. I knew the words by heart, but they were not part of my heart. I would stand beside my mom and sing with a loud voice, “What a friend we have in Jesus”. I had no idea.

Jesus has captivated my heart for 37 years and counting. I love the Word of God. It’s now when I read the Words of our author (Hebrews 7:25) that I begin to understand the depth of the lyrics to that old classic. Jesus is able to save completely, because He always makes intercession for me. My right relationship with God the Father is because He knows my name. My right relationship with God was born and will live forever solely because of Jesus. As my Sympathetic High Priest, Jesus works continuously to keep me. What a friend I have in Jesus!


Read Romans 8:31-39

How does Paul’s statement in verse 31 support the idea presented in Hebrews 7:25 that Jesus can save forever, or completely, or to the uttermost?


Why does Paul believe that there will never be found anyone who will be able to condemn us before God? (verse 34)


Make a list of all the things that Jesus’ intercessory ministry protects us from. (verses 35-39)


Does this description of the work of Christ on our behalf sound like a one time act or a daily conquering?

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