Teaching Outline Week 19

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Light Ends the Shadow

Hebrews 7:26-8:7 


New Covenant High Priest is Superior (verses 26-28)

This is the summary of the Order of Melchizedek

  1.       Jesus is sinless (Holy)
  2.       Worthy to be the Sacrifice
  3.       Perfect so that the Sacrifice is once-for-all
  4.       Appointed by an oath as a perfect Son
  5.       Forever (Eternal)

Old Covenant comes to an end; New Covenant is a perfect, permanent replacement

Jesus came to put an end to the shadows (verse 8:1-7)

Main Point:

Jesus our New Covenant High Priest who goes between us and God, and makes us right with God, and prays for us to God is not an ordinary, weak, sinful, dying, priest like in the Old Testament days. He is the Son of God—strong, sinless, with an indestructible life.

No More – earthly Tabernacle, sacrifices, Articles of Worship, Vestments, dietary laws, etc…

What Moses copied or shadowed from his Mt. Sinai experience we now experience without shadow.

Old Covenant – Come and see worship experience

New Covenant – Go and tell life of worship


We have complete freedom in Christ

We live mission driven lives taking the Gospel to all cultures

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