A Balanced Life

About 400 years ago Galileo conducted an experiment with remarkable results. According to the NASA website, the remarkable observation that all free falling objects fall with the same acceleration was first proposed by Galileo Galilei after he conducted experiments using a ball on an inclined plane to determine the relationship between the time and distance traveled. He found that the distance depended on the square of the time and that the velocity increased as the ball moved down the incline. The relationship was the same regardless of the mass of the ball used in the experiment. Simply stated, all free falling objects accelerate at the same rate. An object that falls in a vacuum is subject to only one force, gravity.

If a Christian makes a ball out of the major life categories, they end up with at least four balls to juggle. Mine would be family, work, community, and personal. As I juggle these four balls it is easy to see that some are larger and weigh more than others. The work ball is much larger and heavier than the community ball. I sometimes feel guilty having to spend much more effort and time keeping the work ball in the air than the rest. My guilt attempts to balance this juggling act. I attempt resizing the balls. It doesn’t work. The work ball is always the largest despite my best efforts. This frustrates me to the point of walking away from this juggling act until I realize that all the balls, despite their size and mass, are subject to one force; the Gospel.

If I believe the Bible, I must believe that all of life is all for the Gospel. If family, work, community, and personal time is accelerated by one force, namely the Gospel, then they are all in balance despite their size and weight. My life can never be balanced by resizing the balls. It can only be balanced by applying one single force toward all the balls…The Gospel.

One last thought…notice I don’t have a God ball in my juggling act. I don’t have one because there is no such thing if ALL of life is the Gospel. Besides, if there was a God ball it would be too large and too heavy to juggle.

3 thoughts on “A Balanced Life

    • Mike, perhaps the most convicting message yet. Sometimes the simplest lessons are the most difficult to put into practice,at least for me. Thanks for new bruise on my forehead.

      • HI Pat, the Lord’s been working on me too in this area. Thanks for the comment, it’s always good to hear from you!


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