Teaching Outline Week 31

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews)


Faith’s Foundation

Hebrews 11:13-22 


The author of Hebrews breaks with examples of the faithful to once again drive home the idea of the nature of our faith. In verses 13- 16 we see the inner life of faith. It is clear that faith has no foundation in doing, but is founded only in our being.

Two key words used in these first four verses are seeking and desiring. The life of genuine faith is not deterred by looking to the future for the fulfillment of the promises. As a matter of fact, the life of genuine faith considers this time of life to be that of sojourn. Primarily, this week we explore what it is to live a life of faith that accords so with God that he states that “he is not ashamed to be called our God”.

The Inner Life of Faith (vs 13-16)

What is it to die well?

To die according to faith.

Abraham as an example:

Seeking another country (vs 14)

Ur is no longer an option (vs 15)

His desire is for a better country (vs 16)

God is not ashamed of those who:

Desire the better country

The one He prepared for you


Great Act of Faith (vs 17-19)

Abraham offered his only son by faith (vs 17)

Sometimes obedience seems like the end of a dream (vs 18)

It was settled in Abraham’s inner being, not outward act. (vs 19)

By Faith, Isaac, Jacob,  and Joseph (vs 20-22)

They all lived as sojourners

They all trusted in the promises


Faith is fundamentally a fight for DESIRE

DESIRE for God is the only way to declare His greatness

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