Don’t Neglect Your Joy!

God is not an ogre. He’s not a tyrant. He’s not egotistical. God gives commands for our good. The authors of the Bible trumpet over and over… He is Steadfast Love and Faithfulness. Every Word of this one and only beautiful Truth is for HIS GLORY. It is His Glory that we crave, even when we don’t realize it. For it is only in His Glory that we can be satisfied. It is only in His Glory we can find Steadfast Love and Faithfulness. It is only in His Glory that we have real and lasting JOY.

As we study Hebrews together remember our first command in chapter 2 verse 1…Listen! Listen to this Jesus tell you how much He loves you. Listen to your only source of joy. God gives commands for our good.

As Americans we must neglect hundreds of people and things each of our waking hours. We have images and data coming at us at the speed of light. We cannot address them all. We must flip by tons of information never giving it a chance to change our lives.

The author of Hebrews asks the question,  “how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?” (Hebrew 2:3)

God threatens terrible things if we won’t be filled with joy. So, out of everything you choose to neglect this weekend…

Don’t neglect being loved,

Don’t neglect being forgiven,

Don’t neglect righteousness,

Don’t neglect your Wonderful Father,

Don’t neglect being a Child of Grace.


Pastor Mike

One thought on “Don’t Neglect Your Joy!

  1. What a blessing you are Mike! Your message is just what everyone needs. I am enjoying our time together on Wednesday so much. God has given you the gift of teaching and I’m glad I get to experience it.

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