Teaching Outline Week 3

The Joy in Responsibility

(An In-Depth Study of Hebrews) 



Hebrews 2:5-9



Hebrews  1:1-14                                              Set the scene painted by chapter one:

The central theme of chapter one…

Jesus is Superior; this Jesus, the “Son of God” is the final Word spoken in these last days.


Vs 2:1-4                                                          Therefore, listen!

God has spoken by His Son, listen, listen very carefully.

You’re either listening or drifting…

You either believe or you don’t…

It is suicide to neglect such a great salvation.

God has given us enough to respond. (no excuses)


Now pick up in verse 5 this week…

Vs 5                                                                 Look to the future

Who rules the world to come?

Our salvation is an inheritance (1:14)

Our salvation is past, present and future.

Vs 6-8                                                             Man rules the world to come – Psalm 8

This is too exciting to neglect!

Vs 8b                                                               Big problem at present…

Death reigns and man is subjected to it.

Vs 9                                                                 Good News

Jesus conquered death and established a Co-Heir and Co-reign in the world to come.

(Romans 8:17)


Don’t live out your salvation as if only a past event.

Believe (find joy) in your future.

Say to death – Psalm 8 is my destiny!

The future is too great to neglect; just believe!


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